This page was updated on: August 2, 2016

Water Use by Industry

Below is an overview how water was allocated to the various industries in the Yukon in 2014. It needs to be noted that these are authorized amounts of water and are not necessarily reflective of the actual amounts being used.

Placer undertakings generate the highest allocation, not only because of their water use but because they have the most licences. On the other hand, hydro (power) showed the second largest allocation with very few licences.

These numbers are fairly consistent over multiple years.

The following fact sheet, Water Use in Yukon, highlights the different uses of water in the Yukon (English /French)

2014 Licences


Sum Water Use Per Day

# of Licences

Placer Mining (+5 to 10 Year Licence) 1,956,240 240
Hydro (Power) 240,096 10
Municipal 147,022 22
Placer Mining (up to 5 Year Licence) 88,619 19
Agriculture 73,692 16
Miscellaneous 72,932 77
Industrial 28,130 4
Quartz Mining 15,948 6
Conservation 3,000 1
Recreational 2,623 10

2014 Water Use Summary