This page was updated on May 12, 2020

Applying For A Licence

Where can I get an application package?

Applications are available online, at the Yukon Water Board office in Whitehorse, and in the Dawson Mining Inspection Office (for placer undertakings).

Can I get assistance with my application?

Licensing officers are available, by appointment, to meet and provide guidance on individual applications. Our staff is an experienced team, available to provide appropriate and integrated information, customized to the needs of the applicants. Staff at the front counter are available to provide applicants with friendly and timely assistance.

What do I fill out?

Application Forms displays forms by the type of work proposed. Each section has the most commonly used forms, possible additional forms that may be required depending on the type of work and reference material that provides guidence to filling out the forms.  Section 5 of the Waters Regulation sets out the minimum information requirements.

There may be additional information requirements specific to your project.

What are the Fees?

How much will it cost to apply?

The application fee for a water licence and for the amendment, assignment or cancellation of a water use licence is $30. You will also be required to pay a deposit of the first year water use fees. All application fees, and/or pending invoices for water use fees, must be paid before any application moving into the Public Comment phase.

How much will it cost to have a water licence?

Water use fees vary, depending on the quantity of water that is required.

Licensee's are billed annually in advance for the water use fees.

See Section 8 of the Waters Regulation to find water use fees calculations or contact our office for more information.

Are there any extra costs?

If you are also applying for a Placer Class 4 Mining Land Use Operating Plan Approval (“MLU”), then there will be additional fees:

New/Renewal 1-5 yrs $250
New/Renewal over 5-10 yrs $500
Amendment   $150
Assignment   $ 50


If an application is withdrawn or denied the application fee and MLU fee will not be refunded.

What if I do not use the water?

Water use fees are charged for the right to use water. If you do not exercise that right, the fees are still payable.

Where to submit your application?

You can submit your application in paper at the Yukon Water Board office or digitally through our online registry, Waterline.  For information on submitting an application on Waterline please read this reference document or contact the Secretariat at 867-456-3980.