This page was updated on: July13, 2015

Do I need a water use licence?

The type of activities that require a water use licence are outlined in Schedules 2 and Schedules 5-10 of the Water Regulations. Some of the variables that determine whether a water use licence is required include:

If you have further questions, our staff at the Water Board Secretariat, in cooperation with our colleagues from Energy Mines and Resources and Environment, will be happy to assist with any required clarification.

What if I need the water before the application has been approved by the Board?

Currently, there is no provision for interim licensing. However, some portions of a project may fall under the Schedule 3 notification of water use without a licence.

To find out more about licensing requirement please contact:

Notification of Water Use/ Waste Deposit without a Licence

A person may use water or deposit waste without a licence if the proposed use or deposit

Anyone who proposes to use water or deposit waste without a licence must fill out a Schedule 3 and provide a map at least ten days prior to starting work. A Schedule 3 notice only applies to Industrial, Placer mining and Quartz mining undertakings. For further information please read through our Schedule 3 Guidelines and/or contact the Yukon Water Board.