This page was updated on: June 16, 2015

Application Phases & Submission Types

Waterline phases:

Application Submission An application is submitted to the Board. Only the proponent can view if they submitted on Waterline.Not open for public view on Waterline.
Adequacy Review A Licencing Officer has begun review the application. Not open for public view on Waterline
Public Comment Available for viewing and providing input. Comments regarding an applicant’s proposed water use and deposit of waste are a crucial component and contribute to the Board making sound licensing decisions. Comments will form part of the public registry.
Board Review The application, public comments, and the applicant’s response to the public comments are presented to the Board. The Board deliberates and makes a determination.
Reporting For the life of the licence applicants are required to submit reports as stated in their licence.
Closed Once a licence is cancelled or expires it is considered closed.

Submission type:

New Licence When a new application is submitted and does not affect or apply to any existing water licence.
Amendment An amendment occurs when changes to the conditions of an existing water licence are proposed within the remaining term of the licence.
Renewal A renewal requires the submission of a complete application and is a request by a Licensee for a continuation of existing water use rights, with or without changes to the conditions of an existing water licence.
Cancellation A water licence may be cancelled for many reasons, such as the use of water is no longer required, failure to follow the terms and conditions of the licence, or in the interest of the public. Cancellations may be initiated by the Licensee, the public or the Board.
Assignment An assignment is submitted by the Licensee to transfer ownership of an existing water licence. Upon transfer, the new owner (Assignee) assumes full responsibility of for the terms and conditions of the water licence.