This page was updated on: August 11, 2016

Yukon Water Board

The Yukon Water Board is an independent body established under the Waters Act and the Water Board Secretariat provides administrative support and works on the Board’s behalf. Under the Yukon Waters Act, the Yukon Water Board issues water use licences for various activities for the use of water and/or the deposit of waste to water. Our process promotes the balance of conservation, development and utilization of Yukon water for all Yukoners and Canadians.

Conservation Development Utilization

There are many factors that are considered when determining if a water licence is required. For a full list please refer to the Water Regulations schedules for each undertaking or contact the Yukon Water Board 867-456-3980. A few activities that may prompt a water licence are:

  • whether water is being used, and how much,
  • type of undertaking,
  • type of work proposed, and
  • whether watercourse training or diversion construction is proposed.

Please see Do I Need a Water Use Licence page

We are here to help

Water use applications usually include a significant amount of technical information. The Board has licensing officers and technical consultants to assist you through our process.