This page was updated on: June 16, 2015

Public Hearing

A public hearing may be held on an application when the Board is satisfied that it would be in the public interest. Type A applications require a public hearing except when no intervener is interested in participating in such a public hearing and the proponent doesn’t require a hearing. Type B applications only have a hearing if the board determines that there is a public interest. If a public hearing is to be held, the Yukon Water Board Secretariat will set the hearing date and the deadline by which to inform the Secretariat of interest in participating in the proceedings.

At the hearing, each party that has submitted a comment will have an opportunity to present their views or questions to any of the parties. There is an opportunity for members of the public that have not submitted a formal comment to participate at the end of the hearing by making a statement, prior to the closing remarks.

The public hearing is recorded by a court reporter and transcribed to form part of the publically accessible register.

For more information on public hearings, please see the Board’s Rules of Procedures: Rules of Procedures.